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Welcome to

book designer & artist

Much has changed since you've last visited, or maybe this is your first visit and if so, welcome. I'm happy you're here! 

Book design is my passion and for 8 years I held my own studio where I worked every role in the business. Which as an author, you well know can be exhausting.

My eight years have led me to a point in my career where I'm ready for changes and growth. I absolutely love all aspects of book designing and author branding creation. And I hope to continue creating for many more years to come. 

However, I will no longer be creating under my own brand. 

I've moved and am so excited to be creating under the brilliant Creative Director, Sylvia, of The Book Brander.

I  hope you'll join me on this new beginning

Current, past, and future clients: When you are ready to order new covers or series continuation covers, please contact Dyani, the project manager over at The Book Brander. 

Previous premade purchasers: please send me an email and I will get your adjustments to you. Any premades purchased through Temys Designs or Kris Hack Designs will go through me. Any premades purchased through The Book Brander Boutique will go through The Book Brander or

Talk to you soon!
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